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Welcome to the all new MyBadges Magazine. A brand new informational resource for conference and event professionals, marketing managers and delegates.

Google Plus – Hang out with your delegates

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you would have heard of Google Plus or ‘G+’ as it’s known. G+ has been around for a little while now so we’ve been checking out features since G+ first went live.

Infographic: Types of Conference Attendee

This fun infographic courtesy of uses quirky pictures to identify the Faces of Business Events and Different Types of Conference Attendees:

The Importance of Name Badges at Your Event

When everyone is dressed the same at work such as uniformed professionals, name badges are essential, but what about at conferences, events in the work place and at schools?

Breakaway Lanyards – Safety in the Workplace

At a public event, especially one that may get a little ‘animated’, you have to wonder at the safety implications of neck cords, lanyards and attachments that could cause harm to the people wearing them.

What are Infographics & How can they help your Brand?

Infographics for marketing are used to communicate a message, present data in a way that is easy to understand and because they are branded, you could get a wider social reach.

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